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#1 Complete Quests in Hyjal
While the Firelands raid will be available to any level 85 the Firelands daily quest hub will require some unlocking. So if you want to jump into dailies right away on Patch Day then one of the most important things you ought to get done before patch day is finish up the Mount Hyjal Quests. You will need to have all the quests done to the point of retaking The Regrowth area and the Santurary of Malorne.

#2 Stock Up
Whether or not you like following AH trends there's one thing you should do before Patch Day. With the new raid and the new pvp season comes a new teir of gear. There will be an influx of people upgrading. These new peices of gear will needing gems and enchants. Whether you just stock up for yourself, your friends, your guild mates or to make a profit, stocking up on hot items is a good idea.

#3 Spend Your Points
Patch 4.2 will change all Valor Points to Justice. Anything over the cap (4000) will be converted to gold and mailed to you. If you'd rather not get a piddly amount of gold for your hard earned points, then add together your Justice and Valor Points. If your total is higher than 4k then go buy some stuff! Same goes for your Honor and Conquest points too!

#4 Be Informed
Sometimes a patch will make changes that take you by surprise. Take some time to read the patch notes and be prepared for upcoming changes. Blizzard doesn't always have all their changes in the notes but most of the changes will be located there.

#5 Log Out Where You Want To Be
There will be a lot of things to do come Patch Day. Decide what you want to do first then go log out there the night before Patch.

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