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Iby24 will give you some tips for fast level. Everyone is wondering how to level up quickly. You may have noticed that Aion wings are necessary for you. YES!The wings are the treasure in Aion. With enough Aion kina to buy wings, your leveling process will be much easier.

Now I’ll tell you how to get the wings at different levels.

Ascension, a campaign quest at level 9, brings you first set of wings.
At level 30, you can buy the wings from a NPC for almost 775k Aion kina. Elyos may find the NPC in Sanctum while Asmodians may find him in Pandaemonium. In another way, you get a better set of level 30 wings for free if you have bought the CE of Aion. It has not been stated where you can get the CE wings, they may come on your character in your cube or be mailed. It has also not been stated whether you will get wings for every character you’ve created or not.
At level 40, you might spend 9.6M Aion kina on the wings from the same NPC as the level 30.
The level 50 wings are a reward from quest, Asmodian and Elyos, their quests are different.
For Asmodian: Secret of the Pollution: grants access to dungeon in Brusthonin: Ardma fort. Also rewards level 50 wings.

For Elyos: Secret Experiment of Theobomos: grant access to dungeon in Theobomos: Secret Laboratory. Also rewards level 50 wings.

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Remember: The official release date of Aion is on September 22nd in North America and September 25th in Europe.

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