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The secondary stats generally are more interesting than the previous ones. Critical strike rating can cause you to hit a lot harder, though Strength or Agility will make you always hit a little harder. Haste can provide resources for melee or speed up caster spells, which make you do more. Mastery help you perform better at what you do. The choice of secondary should be mixed with your play style. Unlike primary stats, the secondary stats can be chosen. If the difference should not be too large, it will be against the design intent.
As so many players seem to become rule-makers, it is hard to mention a magic number at which point the ratios become unacceptable to us. Players cannot always be in a situation where you pass on an item in a later tier of content and keep an item from an earlier tier solely. However, there are some exceptions. Hit and expertise have real caps so it's intended that they are very good up until their caps. Similarly, Spirit is the kind of stat that healers will only need certain amount. When they are satisfied with their mana regen, they would lose interest in additional Spirit.

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