12/08/2009 03:19:50 AM

Firstly three dungeon areas in-game have seen an increase in monster activity, curious people have gone to investigate this behavior. The reward is equal to the amount of experience that 50/100/150 of their chosen monsters would yield, so it is like a Double exp event in those dungeons!

Leading researchers expect the monster activity to last about 2 weeks from August 11 - 25, 2009. Who knows if the researchers will still be curious after that point.

Payon Skeleton Researcher Payon 1st Floor
NE by the stone Mushroom
Lvl 15 - 40
Munak Researcher Payon 3rd Floor
Center near lvl 4 entrance
Lvl 30 - 65
Sohee Researcher Payon 4th Floor
Center near lvl 3 entrance
Lvl 45 - 75
Amatsu Firearm Collector Amatsu Dungeon Floor 1
Near Entrance to Palace
Firelocks Lvl 40 - 70
Sake Steward Amatsu Dungeon Floor 2
Near Entrance to Floor 3
Tengu Lvl 65 - 90
Juperos Research Student Juperos Cave entrance Green and Red Venatu Lvl 70 - 95
Research Instructor Juperos Core
North, by elevator in
Archdam Lvl 80 - 98

Valkyrie users may now access the new hairstyles with the New Style Coupon and also a Happy Box is available on all servers for 200 points. Some old favorites are in there, as well as some new stuff like


  • 40 KVM points


Leo Crown the 5th Zodiac Sign 5% Resist Fire Property def 3 If Refined to +7 or higher +10 Flee +1 Def 5% chance to cast Lvl 4 Mild wind upon attack (Fire)


Leo Diademthe 5th Zodiac Sign 5% Resist Fire Property def 3 If Refined to +7 or higher +10 Flee +3% Aspd Chance when attacking to activate splash attack on basic attacks for 10 seconds.


Lif Hat We`ve all seen them, the little green lifs, and they are so cute you just want to bring her with you everywhere, well now you can!
Int + 1 Upper Headgear Def 1 All refines on this headgear increase Mdef rather than Def. All Jobs Lvl 20 required

Check out the Kafra Shop page for further details on the Happy Box!

And the sale on some of the old Kafra headgears has completed, and some headgears were removed from the shop to make room for some new items.

Newly added!

  • Yellow Mage Hat 300 Pts / 360 pts


  • Gray Deviruchi 200pt / 240pt
  • Blue Drooping Cat 300pt / 360pt
  • Pink Beanie 100pt / 120pt
  • Fantastic Wig 300pt / 360pt


  • Brown Deviruchi Hat
  • Brown Mage Hat
  • Gray Mage Hat
  • Red Mage Hat
  • Gray Drooping Cat
  • Yellow Drooping Cat
  • Blue Beanie
  • Brown Beanie
  • Happy Wig
  • Shiny Wig
  • Marvelous Wig
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