10/12/2010 07:14:42 AM

A new change in wow made by the team is about the way experience is calculated, which can affect the players’ rate of progress. Those who are presently at the maximum level can be for an expansion (or higher). Killing creatures from that expansion can bring 10% of normal experience. For example, players at level 60 or higher get 10% normal experience for killing creatures in Azeroth. Those at 70 or higher can get 10% of normal experience for killing TBC creatures. By contrast, those at 80 or higher are able to get 10% of normal experience for killing WLK creatures. For those at 85 or higher, they can get 10% of normal experience for killing Cataclysm creatures.
The above rate of progress means that you can get normal experience through to level 60 and will then need to move on to TBC zones until you reach level 70 and WLK zones until you reach level 80. Afterwards you should continue your leveling adventures in the new Cataclysm zones and dungeons. The aim of the change is to make players continue to progress through the appropriate content for their level versus grinding on quick re spawns in a less ideal location.

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