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Without money, you stumble at any step. This word is also available for World of Warcraft. Wow gold also plays a significant role in World of Warcraft.

There are some changes in patch 3.3 PTR. For fire mages, they would feel happy with the change, while for frost mages, things would be uncertain. And arcane is totally untouched. Let’s take a close look at the changes. First, we should keep in mind that some of the changes are still unconfirmed and just from some statistics. Since they just exist in the PTR, there is no guarantee that all of them would be kept in patch 3.3 after it is released.

The talent of Scorch gets improved and can be applied in full effect, which makes the damage of your Scorch spell increase by 20%.
The change will make a great many of raiding mages fell very happy. It essentially normalizes the debuff to match equivalent ones, like Improved Shadow Bolt. It would be great to streamline an unnecessarily complicated debuff. That way, the extra burden will be gotten rid of from mage DPS. Some mages must fell so happy that they would probably get drunk in the celebration this evening.

The cast time of your next Frost bolt or Frost fire would also be reduced by 0.4/0.7/1 sec by Frozen Core if Ice Lance critical.
Your Summon Water Elemental now lasts indefinitely, while your Water Elemental cannot cast Freeze any more.

The increased damage comes from your pet’s nuking ability instead of the increasing of the mage’s own nukes, so that the frost mage would not be too dangerous in PvP. Provided the Water Elemental and frost mage get all the tools necessary to keep the thing alive in a raid, you won’t need to worry about that PvP frost mages wouldn’t want to lose the Water Elemental's root.

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