03/12/2010 07:09:39 AM

Vengeance would not make you be afraid of attacking a tank in PvP. Tanks can take sufficient advantages in PvP, for example they cannot be easily killed and controlled, especially in Cataclysm when Rated Battlegrounds provide them with a role where they can defend flags or towers. Players usually would not hit hard enough to trigger the full effect of Vengeance, unless they are all ganging up on one tank, at which point someone in the group should have the ability to dispel it.
As a new ability, Vengeance may take some tweaking to get right. It might take too long to stack up or falls off too easily. Probably it does too much of the tank’s job for her and ends up producing a generation of lazy tanks. Threat is not easy to balance. If the task is too easy, there will be much less fun for a tank. But at the same time, if it is too hard, that would be too frustrating and thus bring little fun.

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