29/09/2009 10:00:28 AM

Aion kinah is necessity in Ateria, as your wings and repairing will cost you a large sum of money.

Some people have been using a Macbook Pro for gaming purpose, been playing all kinds of games from FPS to RTS and to MMORPG. But to some Mac MMORPG players, Aion is like a distant fortress located on the other side of some impassable geography. They stare longingly at it, wishing they could make the journey there. But, alas, the barriers are too great and the trip would take a long time without guarantee for success. Aion will be just one of those games, like many others, that they'll just miss out on. But really, why should they miss out?

Lucky, NCsoft will do something for Aion. They plan to port Aion to Mac native OSX operating system. Especially considering that, running Aion through boot camp isn't officially supported. If it were to suddenly stop working for all Mac users down the road, there's nothing we could do about it except go buy an actual windows computer. Hopefully that won't happen. And I doubtful it will, based on what I've seen with other games, such as the aforementioned City of Heroes. Not to mention, Boot Camp is very stable if you have a good, working copy of Windows, so any Mac incompatibility that ever arises would most likely be hardware related.

However, some players say that they never had a problem directly related to the fact on their Macbook pro. Until we get a port to the Mac side of the fence, those of us wishing to soar in the world of Atreia will need to use Boot Camp or other, similar programs. Someday our time will come. But, regardless of how we fight in Aion, whether it is running it in its native environment or drilling it through a session of Boot Camp, even today we're able to play with our PC brothers and sisters side by side. According to these people, the main difference is for the versatile version of PC which let you change your video card, sound card, etc.

As for Aion, I never experienced the cut-scene audio/video problem that the OP had, but hey MAC is far from perfect so I guess someone had to run into something someday. I just went today to an apple store to change my RAM of my old Macbook since I can now only run Aion at mid graphic quality.

I'm sure all people out there who use Mac's for gaming will be interested to read this ;). If you want to know more about our Aion kinah or Aion powerleveling, just contact our 24/7 live custom service.

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