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  • In-game Cinematics in Cataclysm
  • Date: 17/11/2010 04:42:29 AM
  • The producers of wow want to clarify how it delivered Wow: Cataclysm cinematics to players who buy the expansion at the official site or download the installer from the website. Be...
    • Confront with Leopard's Growls
    • Date: 17/11/2010 04:40:32 AM
    • Priests are usually the ones with great skills of dealing with tough beasts. For example they know how to use a protective shield when a starving leopard would try to attack. Of co...
      • Raging Blow can be Used More Often
      • Date: 26/10/2010 11:49:15 AM
      • Initially it was not planned to make Raging Blow to be used all the time. It was not desirable to let Fury to have very static rotations. The team will try to keep Fury enraged a l...
        • More Powerful Rogues in Cataclysm
        • Date: 07/10/2010 09:55:48 AM
        • It was reported that Cataclysm was going to be launched in early December. Players can find at least one patch that precedes the expansion. There will be a transition between the n...
          • Shadow Form in Cataclysm
          • Date: 28/09/2010 05:17:39 AM
          • The Shadow form in Cataclysm is supposed to be a little bit of a tradeoff. For those who want to have all the utility of a healer and can do competitive damage with any caster, thi...
            • Restrict Downtime in Cataclysm
            • Date: 23/09/2010 09:07:26 AM
            • In WLK, one of a shadow priest's main skill is to restore a party's mana by Replenishment. It would not be a make-or-break talent, with the hearty mana regen rates we were blessed ...
              • Get Rejuvs Up Efficiently
              • Date: 21/09/2010 06:41:16 AM
              • Rejuv is going to be introduced again. As haste can pose Rejuv ticks and druid is going to cast cast-time spells which benefit from haste, you do not need to worry about druids tur...
                • Same Game Mode in New Maps
                • Date: 17/09/2010 08:39:55 AM
                • You can get three different kinds of resource points in the Battle for Gilneas for the taking by either the Horde or the Alliance: the Mines, the Lighthouse, and the Waterworks. As...
                  • Cooking and Fishing Dailies in Cataclysm
                  • Date: 15/09/2010 09:43:56 AM
                  • In Cataclysm, you can find many changes with the leveling. It seems that cooking and fishing dailies starting at level ten is much like before which cannot presently bring much exp...
                    • Use Bloodrage and Berserker Rage Less
                    • Date: 07/09/2010 07:59:37 AM
                    • Honestly, the team would rather make the abilities more valuable or have to be used differently sometimes. As to Arcane's mana gem talent, sometimes you will use the gems for mana ...

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