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We deliver the Aion EU Key right in time by email to the official launch. We do not sell or send software or CD/DVD.

Article description

The story:

"... Aion is a fantastic optical, massive multiplayer online roleplaying game (mmorpg) where you may become a God to take part in an epic and elysian battle! With your supernatural powers and skills and the ability to fly, you are the one who must save your nation, in this huge and wonderful world, destroyed by an awsome catastrophy and keep the balance back..."

The character classes:

Warrior, Scout, Magician, Priests

What does Aion offer:

•    Aion is an epic massive multiplayer online roleplaying game (mmorpg) of the new generation! You will enter an incomparable world of fantasy, excellent graphics and amazing ambiente.
•    You have the choice between the demon-like Asmondians and the angel-like Elyos. You choose the path, you like to walk!
•    Just take-off: Flying is an essentiell and strategic component and let you experience totally new perspectives within the genius 3D-world.
•    Aion offers a extremely developed fight-system, an absolut genious tool for developing your own character and an innovative crafting-system. Totally new, the stigma-system: with stigma-stones, your class can use and combine skills and abilities, normally could not be used by your class.

Note: The Aion Standard-Edition includes 30 days of free play.After those period of 30 days there will be a monthly subscription fee of 12,99 EUR.

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