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Purchasing Aion kina in ibay24 is a smart choice.

WoW, the current King of MMORPG, is busy protecting its throne by releasing updates. WoWers took part in a new round of Boss-beating competition since last year. At this moment, Aion is coming up on the 22nd and 25th September in Europe and North America. You can download Aion open beta client here! Being said to have the potential to rival WoW, Aion has been pushed to an unprecedented new height. Will WoW decline? Will players say some game is an Aion clone instead of WoW clone in the future?

Download Aion EU client for 25th open beta or Aion US client for for 22nd here. Based on different engines, Aion vividly presents the characteristics of various terrains while WoW is relatively rough when it comes to character appearance. Besides that, the only differences between WoW characters are hair style and skin color. On the other hand, Aion has an amazing and highly flexible Character Customization System which creates every character a unique one. It is said that even the number of character’s hair can be counted in Aion.

Based on the novel, WoW certainly has some advantages and has evolved from years of development and revisions in game content. Many successful and popular contents have been developed such as the instance boss killing, battlefield and arena, are commonly copied by other games. But Aion, is always viewed a WoW clone, for its relatively weak in game-play content. You may also need to patch an existing Aion client.

We can also give you immediate access to the Aion full OB client. Warhammer and Age of Conan who claimed themselves WOW killers had failed. Even WLK, the expansion pack of WOW, seems to be losing its thunder because players think it's not as good as its predecessors. AION, the hottest MMOPRG, is facing some negative news such as Bots, the MMOPRG killer, which makes lots of its players worry about its future.

We would like to see healthy competition rather than monopoly in the future world of online games. We hope that AION and WOW can learn from each other and better titles can be brought forward in the future. Ultra-fast download Aion client, Aion open beta client, or a patch for existing Aion client.

Please click here to download Aion client  and aion patch.

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