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  • The Fourth Installment of "Tales of Aion"
  • Date: 18/09/2009 11:46:20 AM
  • Michael Lafferty at spins the riveting story of "Tales of Aion". The fictional chronicle is the continuing story of the Elyos Esala'ayni and the Asmodian Kor...
    • Tips for fast level in Aion
    • Date: 18/09/2009 09:43:43 AM
    • Iby24 will give you some tips for fast level. Everyone is wondering how to level up quickly. You may have noticed that Aion wings are necessary for you. YES!The wings are the treas...
      • Ultra-fast Download Aion and Forestall to Experience
      • Date: 18/09/2009 09:31:29 AM
      • As soon as the server passes through opening, the human tide huge crowd, will play the family friends to rush to be first immediately forestalls to experience the game. Now click f...
        • AION--Aion to Launch with Oceanic Server!
        • Date: 17/09/2009 06:49:27 AM
        • The key to launching an MMORPG of Aion's magnitude is communication. We been keeping everyone following the game aware of what our plans are and listened to your feedback, creating...
            • AION--Head Start Gets Detailed
            • Date: 16/09/2009 03:27:04 AM
            • Aion's Head Start is right around the corner. Details surrounding the Preselection program of Aion were very recently announced, but is only one of the benefits of preordering. Tho...
              • AION--Open Beta Boosted with New Patch
              • Date: 15/09/2009 06:49:53 AM
              • We are closing to the end of open beta and are with that putting a busy week of testing, bug hunting and insistent server improvements behind us. We have come a long way since day ...
                • AION--GamerZines Features
                • Date: 15/09/2009 06:43:02 AM
                • GamerZines has a proud history of putting together content-packed and interesting Aion-articles. Gamerzines has taken this a step further by dedicating one of its magazines to expl...
                  • AION--Video Podcast #3 - East Meets West
                  • Date: 15/09/2009 06:02:26 AM
                  • Get a firsthand look at the NCsoft office in Seoul, Korea, in the third official Aion video podcast found exclusively at,,,, Har...
                    • AION---Aion Open Beta Updates
                    • Date: 11/09/2009 08:11:10 AM
                    • Aion Open Beta UpdatesThe Aion Team extends a huge thank you for the overwhelming response we have received throughout the beginning of our ongoing open beta testing. We've had a f...

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